Tenth issue !

Tenth issue !

Dear Readers,

The tenth issue of The Art and Literature Scientific and Analytical Journal TEXTS is before you. For us, this is the first anniversary and we are glad to celebrate it with you! We are grateful for your attention to our journal. The publication of relevant research papers by top-class scientists, who are unique and leading experts in their respective fields, is one of the strategic objectives of the journal.

In our journal, we aim to create a dialogue space for different cultural fields. We aim at the preservation of cultural heritage and an expansion of cultural and scientific relations.

These objectives determine the high selection criteria and are the key to high-level scientific publications.

Sincerely yours,

Maria A. Burganova



Our thanks

The Art and Literature Scientific and Analytical Journal TEXTS is created by remarkable highly professional and friendly team, to whom our gratitude is addressed now.

Thanks to our wonderful editorial board from different countries and continents:

John Ellis Bowlt

Alexander N. Burganov

Maria A. Burganova

Tomáš Glanc

Armen Kazarian

Alexander G. Kravetsky

Alexander N. Lavrentyev

Alessandro De Magistris

Nicoletta Misler

Irina B. Pavlova

Alexandra A. Pletneva

Helena Pociechina

Boris I. Pruzhinin

Alexander S. Ryzhinsky

Irina M. Sahno

Koji Sano

Dmitry O. Shvidkovsky

Tanehisa Otabe

Andrey V. Tolstoy

Yuri Tsivian.

Your professionalism and attention allow us to develop and become better!

We thank all the employees of the Moscow and Brussels offices for the excellent work.

We thank our wonderful English translator Anna Pchelkina and our French translators Valery Matveev and Rusina Shihatova! We thank our editor Julia Smolenkova and our layout designer Alexander Tovpeko!

We thank all our authors for their interesting articles and scientific research papers! This project would not have been realised without you ☺

Thanks to all our readers for your interest in our work!

We thank our Editor-in-Chief Maria Burganova for her selfless work, patience, attention, professionalism and energy that make this journal better and more interesting with each issue as well constantly expand!